About Chapter

Welcome to the Bluegrass Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants.Our Chapter serves the central Kentucky area. We have members from Lexington, Richmond, Paris, Stanford, Frankfort, Georgetown, and other surrounding cities.Our goal is to support our communities, encourage and support continuing education for our members, and provide a setting for professional networking. Members are from all professional areas including medical, manufacturing, service industries, and self-employed. We are always welcome guests and new members.


Welcome to the 2017-2018 IMA Bluegrass Chapter year. The board members and I met in June 2017 and August 2017 to plan the year. The overall objective is to engage existing members and encourage new members who have joined in 2017 to attend the monthly meetings. We look forward to organizational growth and increased monthly meeting attendance. 

The board members and I have scheduled an array of activities to engage and encourage members for 2017. A tour of the West Sixth Brewery was well received in r October. We will close out 2017 by hosting a meeting in November 2017 to discuss ethics. The goal is attract members and potential members to earn their CPEs and learn something new and exciting. 

In 2018, the board members and I have planned four events. In January, tax updates will be discussed. In February, we will host our annual Student Night. In March, we will participate with the Institute of Internal Auditors for a joint meeting. In April, we are hosting our Family Night at a Lexington Legends Game. We encourage our members and potential members to support our activities. 

Throughout the year, the board members and I request your support. We will begin requesting nominations for the 2017-2018 officers. We will also request 10 sponsors for Student Night for $125 each. Please register for the monthly meeting 7 days in advance and attend as often as possible. Our goal is to host at least 20 members at each meeting. 

The 2017-2018 year is scheduled and prepared to engage members and potential members. Three events are scheduled for Fall 2017 and four events for the Spring 2018.  Prizes will be awarded to the members who attend the most meetings and/or bring the most guests. Please submit the names and email addresses of members who would make good officer candidates. Support our monthly meetings by attending and providing sponsorships. Hope to see you at all of the monthly events in 2017-2018. 

Enjoy your day, 

Dr. Cassandra Smith, DBA, CMA 
Assistant Professor of Business 
Midway University 
Bluegrass IMA Chapter President