President's Message

Greetings Bluegrass Area IMA,


We’ve wrapped up our 2022-2023 IMA meeting year. As with any year, we’ve had some successes and some challenges. We welcomed some new members to our leadership team and said “Good-bye” to some long-serving members. As we reflect on this past year and look forward to the next, a few points come to mind. First, our mission as a local chapter remains to connect members and support their professional development. Second, the chapter’s traditional format of monthly meetings has not been as successful as desirable in meeting these goals. We’ve seen some growth and new active members, but the format does not seem to be attractive to most of our membership.


Given these observations, the chapter board has decided to move forward with a different strategy for the 2023-2024 meeting year. Our focal point will be a 1-day event in the fall with several CPE granting sessions (right now we expect 4 sessions worth a total of 6 CPE hours). Details are still being worked out, look for more announcements over the summer. We look forward to hosting a large-group of IMA members and friends for an informative and exciting time of networking and professional development.

See you in the fall.


JP Stearns

President Bluegrass Area IMA